I’m Patti Cantrell. I’m also Altayre Flux online. I read a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. I’ve been reaching for a way to talk about books with people who care about books for a long time, and haven’t quite gotten it right yet. I’m hoping a book blog will scratch that itch.

I don’t have a preferred genre. I started reading fantasy as a kid, but have since branched out in many (many) different ways. If it has words, I’ll more than likely read it, especially if it comes recommended. I hope to bring my love of reading to you, in the form of book reviews, blurbs and thoughts about what I’m currently reading, neat book-y images, and other bookish things.

I also work at a library, am very active on the Book Lover’s Club Discord server, am working on a Masters in Library and Information Science, and play video games. I have a lot of things going at once, because I can’t stand to be idle.

I have (in order of preference) one husband, three cats, no kids.