Why We’re All Here.

Cleo, 2020. Smoosh.


Welcome to my inaugural post, in which I explain why we’re all actually here. Or something.

I am a fickle person. I have ideas at random times of the day (and night), and feel compelled to act on them. So it was with this blog, which came to me as a 2:30am idea and would not let me sleep until I acted on it.

I’ve really wanted to connect with book people. I love my friends dearly, but none of them are book people, through no fault of theirs. We’ve just got different tastes, and isn’t it cool that we can be different and still friends? So it was within the last six months that I’ve struck out, trying to connect with other people who also love books. I joined a great Discord server (shout out to the Book Lover’s Club) and found many great book-y friends there! But I still felt like something was missing.

I tried streaming book-y things on Twitch for a couple months. I learned several things, namely that I’ll never be a professional audiobook narrator, and that the Just Chatting section of Twitch is just not the greatest place ever. I read all of A Christmas Carol and Treasure Island and part of Sherlock Holmes on Twitch before hanging it up. I still have a pirate hat and a distinct way of saying “bah, humbug!” to show for it.

So here we all are. I’m hoping to use this blog to post book reviews, to post book thoughts about things I’m reading, and to post other book-ish things. I work at a library, so also expect neat library images that I liked a lot from places I wish I worked at. I realize the book blog sphere is quite saturated, but I’m just wanting to do my own thing, for whatever good that does you and I.

Feel free to leave comments, I’ll try and engage where I can.


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